Dolcinium celebrated its 11th anniversary

Dolcinium celebrated its 11th anniversary

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On a sandy beach in Montenegro, called Velika Plaza, there is a place… A magical place, home of great kiters, nice people, free spirits and good vibes.

Dolcinium Kitesurf Club has celebrated its 11th anniversary in the near past.

„This is my 11th year here, Nini and I was started in the bar. We were young and unexperienced, but wanted to make this beautiful place successful. We were also enjoying the opportunities of Velika Plaza’s endless summers, I can not remember so much haha!” – says Artan, the manager of the beach. „We would not be able to make it happen without our upholders, family, friends and of course the guests support! It wasn’t always easy, but it was always beautiful. Last three days showed all our effort and devotion, but also all the people’s positive energy, and nothing but good vibes. This is why we last so long – because of our guests!” – continued the charismatic manager.

On the significant event, there were such a lineup as great local and foreign DJs, as Nickodemus, Kiko Navarro, Stefan Popovic, Millok, Hektor, Vlado Markovic and Mister Cool, who created pure magic in Dolcinium.

Check out the photo library, it tells more than words!

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