Kite became trademark of Long Beach

Kite became trademark of Long Beach

Date: April 19, 2017 By: administrator

The current world champion in Formula One, Briton Lewis Hamilton, did not randomly end up in Ulcinj’s Dolcinium beach club.

Hamilton, who came to Ulcinj just a day after celebrating the race for the Grand Prix of Austria, wanted to try kiting, or the “wind formula”, writes local portal, Ul-info.

The charismatic champion, who was resting in the company of a compatriot of Kosovo origin, famous singer Rita Ora, wasn’t lucky enough to test drive his kiting skills because there was no wind at the beach that day. But still, he enjoyed relaxing on the most beautiful beach in Ulcinj, away from the public eye, said one of the owners of the beach club, Ćazim Hodzic.

The week after that, Hamilton triumphed at Silverstone, for the British Grand Prix.

Hodzic said Hamilton was not a demanding guest.

“He drank Spanish summer beer San Miquel, with lime. He bathed twice and watched the sun go down with Rita. He was thrilled”, said Hodzic.

He added Hamilton walked up to the bar counter several times to ask for a beer.

“He was very relaxed, and if you didn’t know about his success and career, you wouldn’t be able to tell he is one of the most popular and richest people in the world. He spent here a total of about five hours. During that time, he ate only one chicken sandwich. We tried to make him feel at home”, said Hodzic.

In addition to the famed women’s beach, where in the morning you have to wait a long line to get in, Dolcinium is the hit of the season in Ulcinj, and not only because of Hamilton, but also because of the music festival they host every June. The Southern Soul Festival boasts well-known performers and DJs from the region and the world.

There is also a kite surfing school, which every summer takes up to 100 students.

The beach can be filled with as many as 30 kites at once, or 200, on the stretch from Copacabana to Ada, Hodzic said.

“This is truly a magnificent sight. Especially when I think that nine years ago, when we first took the beah, we used binoculars to look for one or two kites. What is important is that the kite found a way to become a serious offer in Ulcinj and Montenegro”, he added.

Dolcinium was recently visited by one of the owners of the world-famous brand, Ray Ban, Fomin Andy, and his associates, Hodzic said.

“He too was awed at the Long Beach”, said Hodzic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro