Europe on a budget – kitesurfing Ulcinj

Europe on a budget – kitesurfing Ulcinj

Date: March 1, 2016 By: administrator

Looking for a budget destination in (mostly expensive) Europe? Look no further: Ulcinj, Montenegro is the place for you. Montenegro (former Yugoslavia) is situated in the south of the Adriatic. Rich in nature for such a compact area, so even on no wind days there is enough to explore.

Ulcinj is the southernmost city on the Montenegrin coast. The longest beach is 13 km long and has a continuous mistral in the summer months, making it a perfect place for a kitetrip!

The spots

Main spot – The main spot consists of a broad beach with waist deep water and steady side-onshore wind. This makes it a great spot for beginners and intermediate kitesurfers. The sea floor consists of fine sand and the water is warm so a wetsuit is not necessary in the summer.

River mouth – Some kilometres downwind from the main spot you can find the river mouth with perfect flat water. This is the wet dream for all the freestylers among us. The conditions here are phenomenal for improving your skills.

Best time to visit

The Albanian Alps in the south cater for super steady thermal winds that hit the coast in the early afternoon. Good news if you want to party as well, the wind kicks in like clock work in the early afternoon so you can use your mornings to relax or explore the surrounding area. Windspeed averages 18-25 knots on most days. In kite sizes that means you should pack your 8 to 12 m at high season, when you want to visit off season pack your large kites. Tides don’t really exist so you can start kiting when the wind hits.

How to get there 

In Montenegro there are 2 International airports: Podgorica and Tivat. Airport Podgorica located 11km from the capital of Montenegro. Every day there are scheduled flights to various European and world destinations. During the summer season there are many charter flights and air connections to all major cities of the world. Distance to Ulcinj is about 75 km (1,5h). Airport Tivat also has many air connections during summer season and is situated about 85 km from Ulcinj so it doesn’t really matter on which airport you fly.

In Ulcinj you can rent an apartment for as little as €20 a night for two persons. Public transport, food and drinks are also cheap and you can rent an entire kiteset for €175 a week. So if you are a broke traveller like me, you can definitely get your money’s worth kitesurfing Ulcinj.


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